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Transmission leaks are nothing to take lightly. Not only can they be hazardous to your automobile, but they can also cause excessive damage to the environment. One puddle of transmission fluid could be swept into residential drain pipes due to rainfall – which creates an entirely different set of problems. Make the smart decision and get your transmission leak fixed as soon as you notice it. For now, let’s take a look at what causes a transmission to leak fluid.

Seals are broken

When the seals of your transmission become exposed to violently high temperatures while your automobile is in operation, this will cause excessive wear on your transmission. These seals are made of rubber and sometimes metal, and because of this they can break down over time. All of this could cause the pan seal of your transmission to crack, and if this does indeed occur, fluid will leak out. It may sound like a lot of things need to happen in order for the fluid to leak out of your transmission in this manner, but it’s much more common than you may think.

Fluid line is cracked

Your transmission’s fluid always travels through a line (appropriately called a fluid line) that is usually fairly durable (fluid lines are typically made out of aluminum or steel). However, if debris and/or heat affects the fluid line over a long period of time, this can cause the fluid line to erode like anything else. This can cause breaking and cracking to the fluid line, thus causing you have transmission leak fluids.

Torque is leaky

Your torque pump can also cause your transmission to leak fluid. Because your torque pump sends transmission fluid throughout your vehicle’s entire system, one sole crack anywhere on the torque pump can be the culprit of a transmission fluid leak. If this happens to you, you need to get it repaired immediately!

Transmission was installed incorrectly

One of the most obvious reasons for a transmission fluid leak is also one of the most common. Sometimes, ‘professionals’ do not install transmission pans properly into the automobile, thus causing the vehicle to leak fluid. If this happens to you, first take it back to the shop where it was installed and have them to repair the pan properly (and they should do it for free). From there, it would be wise to have it inspected by another trusted auto repair professional that can tell you if the transmission pan is indeed installed properly.

A leak in your transmission fluid is nothing to take lightly. It can have dire consequences on your automobile (and the environment as a whole), so be sure that if you notice a leak in your transmission fluid to get it inspected right away. The repair usually is never that expensive and doesn’t take long to complete, so there truly is no excuse for ignoring the problem and waiting until it grows more serious. Do your vehicle, the environment, and yourself a favor and get it fixed as soon as possible!