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It can be a scary thing for your transmission to cease functioning and cause a car breakdown.  You may not be sure how to proceed while stuck in a parking lot, driveway, or on the side of the road somewhere. If this occurs, do not panic. These steps will help you take control of the situation and determine your next course of action.

1. Contact Someone for Help, and Notify Any Appointments

First things first, you have to get in contact with someone who can help.  Call a family member or friend to notify of your predicament, so that they can pick you up or help deal with your stranded vehicle. Additionally, if you were on your way to work, a date, or some other important event, call ahead to notify those involved about your impending absence or tardiness.  The more people who know where you are, the less problems will occur.

2. Search for a Towing Company and a Mechanic

One thing is certain: you cannot leave your vehicle where it is.  If your family member or friend does not have a truck or other vehicle capable of towing your car away, you will need to contact a local towing company to move your vehicle to a safer place.  Likewise, you should begin searching for a mechanic capable and certified to perform a car transmission repair in your area.

3. Assess Your Need for Transportation and Your Current Finances

Though you may have a large emotional attachment to your car, you should take some careful thought about repairing it before making any commitments.  Ask yourself how desperate the need for the car is.  Are there alternative methods of transportation, such as carpools or public transportation, available?  Additionally, you should look at your current financial state.  Can you afford the costly repair services attached to a transmission?  They can range up to $3,000, depending on the make of your vehicle.  If you need a car, would it be more affordable to repair it or find another vehicle? Can you afford the repairs or new car at all?  Make sure to take careful stock of your current situation.

4. Consult with Mechanics Capable of Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

Upon deciding to repair the transmission in your vehicle, you will need to contact a qualified specialist in your area to assess the damage and give you an estimate on repairs for the vehicle.  Be sure to consult several shops, so that you can get a good idea for who would be the least expensive, yet most reliable, option for repairing your vehicle.  Make sure that whomever you charge has a legitimate certificate for transmission repair, and are willing to be honest and straightforward with you about the car.

The most important step is to not panic.  The more calm and cool headed you can be about the situation, the fewer mistakes you will make.  A rational mind is the key to making good choices, so do what you need to in order to reach a state of calm.