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When it comes to car transmission repair, it can be hard to decide between a rebuilt and overhauling your own transmission. Below you will find some comparisons on the differences between the two.


Rebuild, Repair, or New? Transmission Options

Transmissions are a key component of vehicle operations, not much less important than the engine. When deciding how to maintain your vehicle there will come a time when you have multiple options for the replacement of your transmission. Evaluating the pros and cons of each option will help you decide on the investment you will be willing to put into the repair, rebuilding, or purchase of a new car transmission.


Repairing the Transmission

Calculation values of your car in the present time and in the near future is key knowledge to have before deciding to repair the transmission. If you have purchased the car new in the past two years, with intentions of keeping it for an additional few years, transmission replacement is worthwhile. It can be sold at a later time and retain some kind of value. An older car many not be worth the trouble of having the transmission repaired, because of low present value, and a low practically non-existent value in the future. If value can be maintained, and the appropriate parts found within a reasonable price, repairing the transmission repair would be a good option.


Rebuilding the Transmission

Because of the intricacies of car mechanics and transmissions in particular rebuilding a transmission is not always a good option. The process is labor intensive from taking apart the transmission, identification and matching of its parts, reassembly, and testing. There is no guarantee the needed parts will be available for your vehicle. Ordering the desired parts is expensive and their assembly is labor intensive. Also if you rebuild the transmission yourself, knowledge of the mechanics is select to you alone. Having a mechanic repair your vehicle may cost more because of your nonstandard choices in repair. Also, the results of our transmission may or may not be satisfactory after everything has been purchased, assembled, and installed.

Purchasing a Transmission New

Automobile companies continually upgrade their products, including transmission and engine parts, besides car bodies. A new transmission from the manufacturer may not be compatible with an older vehicle. Also the transmission they supply may only be remakes of older transmissions. Installing one of these into your vehicle will only repeat the cycle you are trying to remedy by replacing the transmission all together. As with every car purchase make the calculations to determine if such an investment is worth the overall long term value of your vehicle.


Replacement of a damaged transmission can be accomplished in a number of ways, but only one way will suit your finances and expectations. Create calculations for your vehicles value, and the estimated prices of repairs. Be prepared to pay more than expected for the shipment and importation of needed parts when building your own transmission. Also consider the unique challenges that come from being an owner with singular knowledge of your car. Evaluating all the options for rebuilding or replacing your transmission is the necessary thing for making a good decision for the longevity of your vehicle.