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One of the biggest concerns for any car owner is changing the engine oil. The only reason this has become such a big deal is because there are many speculations as to when the oil should be changed. There are certain theories that suggest that you should change a car’s engine oil every 3000 miles.

On the other hand, there are certain experts who suggest that the engine oil should be changed every 6000 miles. If the engine oil is left unchanged for too long, it could damage the engine. On the contrary, changing it prematurely means extra money out of your pocket. Let’s discuss when your car’s engine oil should be changed:

Engine Oil Quality

Back in the day, engine oils were not manufactured using scientific methods. Moreover, those engine oils used to lose their lubrication ability after 3000 miles. Therefore, they required changing at that point. However, modern engine oils are manufactured with extensive research behind them. They are more like works of art. They keep your engine cleaner and do not lose their viscosity as quickly as the older engine oils. Therefore, they last longer, but this is not enough to decide when to change your car’s oil. 

Car Manufacturer Specification

Different car manufacturers have different specifications as to when the engine oil should be changed. Some manufacturers recommend that you change the oil at 5500 miles. There are others that recommend not changing the oil until about 7000 miles. Then again there are manufactures that recommend an oil change at 15000 miles. The frequency of oil change depends upon the car you are driving. It is best to refer to the car’s maintenance manual for such information.

Driving Conditions

The manufacturer’s guidelines are not engraved in stone. Those guidelines are meant to be followed under ideal driving conditions. If you live in an area where your engine undergoes extreme stress, you should change the engine oil more frequently. If the conditions are not as harsh, you can skip changing the engine oil until the manufacturer specified benchmark.

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