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The Windstar is a minivan manufactured by Ford. The Windstar replaced the Aerostar after the company discontinued it. The Windstar was considered to be a great replacement for the Aerostar, but it faced a number of issues. The original 3.8-litre V-6 engine had serious issues with its head gasket which would easily blow. The transaxle also had reliability issues. In 2003, Ford completely redesigned the Windstar and hoped to get rid of the problems in the previous models. However, the minivan had some major transmission issues.

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If you have a problem with your 2003 Ford Windstar Transmission, Twin can help! Here are some common signs of transmission problems with the 2003 Ford Winstar specificially:

Would Not Go Into Gear

One of the most common problems with the Windstar was the transmission not going into gear. When put into drive, the car would start revving but won’t move at all. The issue usually required a complete transmission rebuild. The worst part is that there would be no warning that such a problem is going to arise.

Failure of the Torque Converter

The torque converter of the Windstar had thin spleens which could not bear the power from the 3-litre engine. Therefore, the spleens would get worn out and stop transmitting power without any warning. Most transmission repair facilities described this as a transmission failure, but a simple torque converter replacement would do the trick.

Vibration when Accelerating

The Windstar would often start shuddering while accelerating. This was not only in the first gear but second and third as well. As long as the car was accelerating, the transmission would shudder and vibrate.


Many times the transmission would give off an odor as if it was burning. This was due to the transmission overheating. The overheating would cause the gears to break and the only way the issue could be repaired was if the transmission was rebuilt.

Shuddering When Put Into Reverse

A severe shuddering noise could be heard when the transmission was put into reverse. This was due to the gears overheating and leaving particles.

Jumping into Reverse While In Drive

This was one of the most dangerous issues with the Windstar transmission. While in drive, the gear would suddenly slip into reverse. If this happened on the highway in heavy traffic, it would be like slamming the breaks at top speed.

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