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cooling system flush charlotte ncA cooling system service is very important for many reasons, the biggest being for the well-being and efficiency of your vehicle. A cooling system service can be called many different things. Different ways to describe a cooling system service is a “radiator flush” or a “coolant system flush” — both are the same thing.

The best service interval timing is to have a cooling system service performed every 2 years or every 30,000 miles. When this service is done, here at Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair, we also look at all your hoses and clamps. We also perform a pressure test for any leaks your cooling system may have.

Haven’t had a cooling system service?
Here are some reasons why a cooling system service is so important


1) Antifreeze

The first main reason you need to have a cooling system service done is anti-freeze. When anti-freeze comes in contact with metal a process called “electrochemical” takes place. This is when the acid levels rise up and can cause costly repairs. An example of this is when a radiator fails prematurely. Typically, the cost of a radiator repair runs between $300 – $500 dollars, whereas a cooling system services costs much less. The wiser decision is to always have the proper services performed on your vehicle. This helps avoid costly emergency repairs.

2) Keep the engine cool

The water pump is the most important part of your cooling system. The water pump keeps your engine from overheating. During a cooling system service, the water pump is always inspected for any problems or issues. The cooling system also keeps your engine operating at the correct temperature to avoid overheating.

3) Entire vehicle operation

Today’s vehicles work off of a computer system inside the vehicle. This computer (CPU) is linked to a wide range of sensors and solenoids that make the vehicle perform properly.  On a side note, the Transmission is also controlled by some of the engine sensors. This makes cooling system services key for proper transmission operation as well.

A cooling system service is very important so your vehicle in its entirety will be properly maintained for the maximum operation and efficiency. Without a cooling system service, your cars engine may not have proper mixes or levels of antifreeze, causing it to overheat. This event could damage more than one part of your vehicle, causing emergency and costly repairs.

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