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Transmission problems can be some of the most expensive repairs on your Dodge Durango. When

you begin to notice that your transmission is having issues, it may often be too late. Once your

transmission has neared the end of its life, you have two options. You can buy a brand new

transmission or you can purchase a refurbished one. The price of a new transmission can induce

sticker shock when you find out what it runs. Because of this, many drivers will opt to go the cheaper

route and focus on a refurbished transmission. There are many advantages to purchasing a

refurbished transmission over a brand new one. Here are some of the reasons it could be a good

investment for your Dodge Durango.

Cost Efficient

Refurbished transmissions are almost identical to new transmissions. A refurbished transmission is a

used transmission that has been completely taken apart and inspected. Often manufacturers will

take the transmission apart and replace any internal components with brand new ones. Ultimately,

you are getting a whole new transmission just at a reduced rate. While a new transmission can costs

a few thousand dollars at the end of the day, you can often save up to half of this cost by purchasing

a refurbished one. The best part is that you are not skimping on quality when you opt for the

refurbished version.

Environmentally Friendly

Another great advantage to purchasing a refurbished transmission over a new one is that it can be

better for the environment. A refurbished transmission does not require nearly the amount of

resources to build than a new one does. Manufacturers are able to save both energy resources and

natural resources in order to build the component. Additionally, a refurbished transmission will not

emit as many carbon emissions as a new transmission would. This can be a significant impact on

the environment as more and more drivers opt for a refurbished version.

More Reliable

Another reason buying a refurbished transmission for your Dodge Durango is a good investment is

because it is very reliable. Most refurbished transmissions come with a warranty so you can have it

replaced at no additional cost if something happens to it. This warranty helps provide confidence that

you are not buying an inferior product. Due to technology, manufacturers have come a long way in

creating great transmissions. Every part placed in the transmission is inspected and tested to ensure

that the transmission will ultimately work like it is supposed to. In fact, many refurbished

transmissions will often go through more rigorous testing and inspections than newer models. This

extra precaution helps ensure you are getting a great product for your Dodge Durango.