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Contrary to popular belief, overhauling your transmission and rebuilding it are pretty much the same things. The terms ‘transmission overhaul’ and ‘transmission rebuild’ cover the same procedure. The phrases are simply interchanged and used differently depending on the preference of the mechanic. Being that they are the same thing, in order to rebuild or overhaul your transmission, a mechanic would need to disassemble your original transmission, clean its parts, and replace the majority of the parts with new ones.


How to Disassemble Your Transmission

To disassemble the transmission of your vehicle can sometimes be difficult, you balance the fragile state of the parts with a slightly aggressive tone so that everything will come together well. The way and procedure that you take to disassemble these parts depends solely on the type of car that you are working on. Many mechanics might suggest that you take apart the pieces of a Mustang differently than you might take apart pieces of a Toyotas transmission. Each car is built uniquely to its brand so making sure that you are educated on its composure will be beneficial to the way that you can reassemble the transmission.


The Time it takes

Some may wonder how long it usually takes to rebuild a transmission. Most people need their cars up and running as soon as possible but if the repairs aren’t complete then there’s not much they can do with a car missing a properly functioning transmission. Being that most transmission repairs and overhauls are performed at car shops with the assistance of mechanics, they can be done in as little as one day and as much as four. Depending on the amount of business and traffic that a car repair business like Twin Transmission may have, it heavily influences the time it takes to get the job done.


Keeping it Clean

Making sure that you take the time to properly clean each of the parts that you reuse assures that the car you are working on may have a better chance of running smoother than it did before. As mentioned earlier, not all of the parts are always reused so the ones that are have to be up to par with the new replaced parts so that the transmission runs accordingly. Not only is this important for the long-term use of the transmission but it is also relevant when it comes to handling any car parts in general.