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The Honda Accord, after gaining immense popularity all over the world, was redesigned in 2008. The design was altered completely and featured a sportier look. The 2008 Accord was introduced in a couple of versions, one of which had a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine. This version produced a fair 177 horsepower. Of course the 2008 Accord also had a variant that carried a more powerful engine. That version had a V-type 6-cylinder engine which generated a staggering 272 horsepower. The interior was extremely luxurious and the suspension made sure passengers didn’t feel a single bump within the cabin.

Honda was so bent on including the best possible features in the 2008 Accord that the transmission was overlooked. Unlike the previous models of the Accord, where problems were experienced within only the automatic transmission versions, the 2008 Accord had issues with the manual transmission as well.

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Would Not Stay In Third Gear

The 2008 Accord had problems with its manual transmission as well as the automatic one. The manual transmission variant had an intermittent issue which caused the third gear to slip. After using the first and second gear, the third would not stay in place when applied. The only solution was to have the transmission repaired or move directly to the fourth.

Transmission Would Jerk

The automatic transmission would not go into gear immediately. When put into drive the car would remain stationary and go into gear suddenly, with a jerk. Another issue was the car not remaining stationary when parked.

Hesitation to Go Into Gear

The hesitation was normally seen in automatic transmission when driving on long routes. The gears could not be shifted. The driver would need to let go of the throttle a couple of time for the car to shift gears. This posed a safety hazard on the road, especially busy ones.

Gear Slipping

Much like the problem seen in manual transmissions, the automatic transmission would also slip out of gear. The car would be running smoothly and then all of a sudden it would jump out of gear and won’t pick up speed anymore.

These transmission issues with the 2008 Accord may prove to be dangerous if ignored. If you face such problems with your car, contact us immediately. Transmission problems only worsen with time and if caught quickly, you can avoid costly transmission repairs. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free transmission repair estimate.