2003 Ford Explorer Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

2003 ford explorer transmission repair charlotte ncIt is very common for a Ford Explorer to need a transmission repair or rebuild, due to several transmission problems or even failure. Most Ford Explorers from the early 2000s. Specifically the 2002 Ford Explorer, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2004 Ford Explorer are the most common for transmission repair. We have already covered the 2002 Ford Explorer Transmission Repair at this previous article. Today, we are discussing the 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission specifically.

What are signs your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission needs repair?


1) O/D Light Flashes Transmission Messages
This is the most common symptom that your 2003 Ford Explorer needs a transmission repair or rebuild. It is also common for your check engine light or transmission light to illuminate with a transmission problem as well.

2) Transmission Slipping between gears and Upshifts hard occasionally. or trouble shifting between gears
Problems shifting gears can be caused by a number of reasons including (but not limited to) poor shifting habits, transmission fluids not maintenanced properly, or even the age of the vehicle has caused parts to become worn and break.

3) Transmission is making a clunking, rattling or even griding noises when accelerating or changing gears
Typically these noises occur while the vehicle is in motion. It may be hard to tell where these noises are coming from. Do not ignore sounds such as these.Grinding and clunking noises generally are telling you that something has failed or is failing.  A grinding noise can be generated by many things from worn out brake pads to axle bearing failure to transmission gears, transmission mounts, transmission clutch problems and breaking or more.

The symptoms listed above are no joke when it comes to your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission. If you are experiencing any of the signs above, please contact us immediately or bring your vehicle by our Charlotte/Indian Trail location for a transmission inspection and diagnosis.

Transmission problems should never be ignored as minor problems (and repairs) only lead to major costly repairs if left ignored. Simple shifting problems lead to broken gears, which can leave you stranded in a vehicle that will not move. Call Charlotte’s Transmission Repair Specialist at 704-821-3460 or contact us here for a Free Transmission Repair Estimate (and a $200 OFF Transmission Coupon).

Do you have a question about your 2003 Ford Explorer Transmission?
Reply to this article below for a response from a transmission specialist.

Nissan Radiator Leak and Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Transmission problems in the Nissan Xterra, Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Frontier are sometimes caused by the Radiator in this vehicle.

Signs of a Transmission Problem
Certain signs of transmission problems can sometimes only appear when the situation has already escalated to a severe level, not leaving you many available options to avoid a major repair. The biggest signs of a transmission problem with your Nissan Xterra, Nissan Pathfinder or Nissan Frontier are:

* Shaking
* Vibration
* Problems with the heater producing heat
* Rumbling Noises
* Cool air blowing out while idle

Many of the symptoms above are caused soley due to cracked radiators in the Nissan Xterra, Nissan Pathfinder or Nissan Frontier. Cracked radiators in these model Nissans can cause all sorts of problems, including severe damage to the transmission.

How Does a Cracked Radiator Occur?
Rust – Rust destroys the metal in a radiator, easily causing the radiator to crack
Faulty Thermostat – The thermostat controls temperatures inside your radiator — a faulty one leads to overheating or high coolant pressure, causing a crack
Leaking Head Gasket
Summer Heat – Summer heat can easily cause a cracked radiator. As temperatures rise, the radiator may have difficulty being cooled by outside air causing the radiator fluid to overheat and crack the radiator. Proper maintance during summer months willl help avoid this.

Why the Radiator In Your Nissan is Important
The radiator in your Nissan Xterra, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Frontier and other vehicles, contains a mixture of water and coolant that helps keep the engine from overheating.

If the radiator cracks, your car can break down, leading to engine or transmission damage. Due to the design of the most Nissan Xterras, Nissan Pathfinders and Nissan Frontiers, when the radiator cracks, this typically will then leak water into the automatic transmission. Specifically, the cause is from the crack in the hose that runs through the radiator into the transmission which causes antifreeze to run into the transmission. The leak into the transmission will cause violent shaking while driving, rumbling noises, vibrations and eventual break down of the transmission.

After this problem occurs, the only way to fix your Nissan Xterra, Nissan Pathfinder or Nissan Frontier will be to replace the cracked radiator and to rebuild the transmission.

Twin Automotive & Transmission Repair of Charlotte NC has been repairing and rebuilding Nissan transmissions for over 30 years. Local to the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas? Call us at 704-821-3460 or contact us below for a Free Transmission Repair Estimate. Mention this blog and get an additional $200 off your transmission rebuild.

Nissan Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

2003 Honda Accord Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC


2003 Honda Accord Transmission Repair Charlotte NC

Honda produces some of the most popular vehicles driving around Charlot

te NC today. One of the most popular in Charlotte NC is the Honda Accord. Many 2003 Honda Accord car owners experience certain transmission problems that would lead to a transmission repair or transmission rebuild. We have been rebuilding and repairing Honda A

ccord Transmissions for over 30 Years. Do you have a transmission problem? Contact us at 704-821-3460 for help.

2003 Honda Accord Transmission Symptoms

The biggest symptoms that call for transmission repair or transmission rebuild in the 2003 Honda Accord are related to transmission shifting and slipping issues. The biggest problem is that the transmission gears slip out of gear or won’t shift into certain gears.

Rough or hard shifting is always the first sign to a transmission problem. The unfortunate problem with this is that this type of transmission problem only escalates with time. Rough, hard or slipping gears may be cause to transmission fluid problems that can overheat the parts inside the transmission, causing severe internal transmission problems.

You will know if your 2003 Honda Accord Transmission is shifting hard if it is difficult to shift into certain gears or if it will not shift at all, even if the acceleration is fine.

How can I avoid transmission problems in my 2003 Honda Accord transmission?
Always have your 2003 Honda Accord Transmission serviced at regular intervals. Although a transmission can fail due to age, many times a transmission will need a rebuild due to improper maintenance or being driven improperly. Transmission fluids are very important. Always check to see if they are the proper levels — if the fluid is dark, it needs to be changed. Transmission fluid should always be a nice, clean red color.

What to do if I need my 2003 Honda Accord Transmission Rebuild?

Call us immediately at 704-821-3460 of you have any of the transmission problems above or bring your vehicle in to our transmission rebuild shop at 1102 Technology Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079. We can properly diagnose your transmission problem, give you an estimate for transmission rebuild or repair and get your vehicle in proper condition again.

Choosing The Best Transmission Repair Shop in Charlotte NC

best transmission repair shop in charlotte ncTwin Automotive and Transmission Repair of Charlotte NC has been in the transmission rebuild and transmission repair business for over 30 years. There are many different types of transmisisons, and Twin Automotive has experience rebuilding them all. There are many things to consider when choosing a transmission repair shop for your transmission repair or rebuild. In this article, we go over the top tips for finding the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC:

1) Reputation
Transmission Repair is a highly specialized repair job. It is essential to choose a transmission repair shop in Charlotte that will not just do a good job, but also provide long lasting, quality service.The transmission repair shop needs to be able to ensure that your vehicle runs without a glitch and never breaks down on you. When looking for a transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, investigate several shops, ask for reviews or look online to see what customers are saying. What is this transmission repair shops reputation? Do people trust them? Do they have repeat customers?

(Read our transmission repair Google Reviews here)


2) Price and Warranty
Price is always a factor to consider when pricing a transmission rebuild or transmission repair in Charlotte NC. Warranty is also an important factor that is mistakenly overlooked. Some transmission repair shops in Charlotte NC may offer the lowest price, but what is the warranty on the transmission rebuild or transmission repair? We offer Charlotte NC’s longest transmission rebuild warranty, can the other transmission repair shops you call say the same? When choosing your transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, don’t trust this extensive, specialized transmission repair to the lowest price that barely has a warranty. Transmission repairs are very extensive and most are not cheap. If a transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC gives you the lowest price, ask what is included in the transmission repair or transmission rebuild? Compare apples to apples what parts are being used, replaced, and what the transmission repair process is. Don’t jump to the lowest price because usually this means little or no warranty — leaving you coming back to spend more money on the same repair if it breaks down again.

(Get the longest transmission rebuild warranty in NC here)

3) Subcontracted Transmission Work
There are many repair shops in Charlotte NC that do not do their own transmission repair work. Shops like this do not have the qualifications in transmission repair so they must subcontract out the repair job to another shop. Although many different industries have subcontractors, ask yourself what repair is really going to be performed if the repair shop does this? Typically freelance transmision repair ‘experts’ only help to inflate the cost of your repair bill and leave you with a lesser warranty. If a repair shop subs out your transmission repair, most likely you will never even know who performed the repair, where, or how well it was done. Its better to deal with a transmission repair shop directly. Here at Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair, we perform all transmission repairs and transmission rebuilds in our shop by our qualified technicians. If, at any time, you have questions about your transmission repair or would like to see how the process is going, you can visit inside our repair shop and see the work being performed yourself or speak directly to the transmission repair expert that is fixing your vehicle.

(See photos of transmission repair and transmission rebuilds performed in our shop)

When choosing the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC for your transmission repair or transmission rebuild, always consider the above three tips for making an educated decision. Always investigate the transmission repair shops reputation to ensure you are going to be treated properly. Please beware of low “too good to be true” prices, low warranties, and general repair shops that contract out their transmission repair work.

Do you have a transmission repair question or problem? Contact the best transmission repair shop in Charlotte NC, Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair. 704-821-3460

Transmission Repair in Charlotte NC

Simple Transmission Repair Adjustments | Charlotte NC

Not every transmission problem will result in a complete transmission rebuild or overhaul. There are several types of transmission problems that can be resolved with an “adjustment” or minor repair.

Transmission Slipping problems

Depending on the complexity or severity of this type of issue, there are several ways to attempt to correct this problem. (Please note that if you have a severe transmission slipping or gear problem, this may call for a major transmission repair). Transmission slipping problems are often the result of a faulty sensor receiving incorrect signals the car computer. The transmission also may not be reacting to the computer command due to a bad connection or defective solenoid pack. In some situations, these problems can be corrected through simple in car adjustments or transmission repair.

(To find out if this type of repair is appropriate for your specific situation, please call us at 704-821-3460.)

In some older transmissions, transmission bands can be adjusted to resolve some “slipping” conditions. Slipping is when an engine races briefly when the transmission shifts from one gear to the next. There are no adjustments for clutch packs however.

Shifing Too Early or Too Late

Adjustments to the throttle cable may be able to easily fix a non computer controlled transmission problem that results in shifting too early or too late. Mis-adjustments to throttle cables are usually cause from other repair work or damage from an accident. Throttle cables do not go out of adjustment due to wear and tear or on their own accord.

If the vehicle has a vacuum modulator instead of a throttle cable, there is an adjustment that can be made using an adjustment screw in some modulator designs. In vehicles with modulators, however, it is very important that there are no vacuum leaks and the engine is running at peak efficiency. Engine vacuum is very sensitive to how well the engine is running. Many problems that seem to be transmission problems disappear after a tune-up or engine performance related repair was completed.

To get more information on the transmission repair your vehicle may need, please contact us at 704-821-3460 or contact us for a Free Estimate. Not every transmission problem results in the same type of transmission repair, as different transmission problems could mean different things.

Let us perform a visual inspection of your transmission problem to properly diagnose your auto or transmission repair.

Why a Cooling System Service is Important | Charlotte NC

cooling system flush charlotte ncA cooling system service is very important for many reasons, the biggest being for the well-being and efficiency of your vehicle. A cooling system service can be called many different things. Different ways to describe a cooling system service is a “radiator flush” or a “coolant system flush” — both are the same thing.

The best service interval timing is to have a cooling system service performed every 2 years or every 30,000 miles. When this service is done, here at Twin Automotive and Transmission Repair, we also look at all your hoses and clamps. We also perform a pressure test for any leaks your cooling system may have.

Haven’t had a cooling system service?
Here are some reasons why a cooling system service is so important


1) Antifreeze

The first main reason you need to have a cooling system service done is anti-freeze. When anti-freeze comes in contact with metal a process called “electrochemical” takes place. This is when the acid levels rise up and can cause costly repairs. An example of this is when a radiator fails prematurely. Typically, the cost of a radiator repair runs between $300 – $500 dollars, whereas a cooling system services costs much less. The wiser decision is to always have the proper services performed on your vehicle. This helps avoid costly emergency repairs.

2) Keep the engine cool

The water pump is the most important part of your cooling system. The water pump keeps your engine from overheating. During a cooling system service, the water pump is always inspected for any problems or issues. The cooling system also keeps your engine operating at the correct temperature to avoid overheating.

3) Entire vehicle operation

Today’s vehicles work off of a computer system inside the vehicle. This computer (CPU) is linked to a wide range of sensors and solenoids that make the vehicle perform properly.  On a side note, the Transmission is also controlled by some of the engine sensors. This makes cooling system services key for proper transmission operation as well.

A cooling system service is very important so your vehicle in its entirety will be properly maintained for the maximum operation and efficiency. Without a cooling system service, your cars engine may not have proper mixes or levels of antifreeze, causing it to overheat. This event could damage more than one part of your vehicle, causing emergency and costly repairs.

To schedule your cooling system service, please call us at 704-821-3460. Be sure to always check our coupons page for more transmission repair and auto repair related coupons and special offers!

1999 Honda Accord Transmission Repair | Charlotte NC

Although there are many transmission problems that signal for repair, the 1999 Honda Accord Transmission’s biggest transmission symptom is “Transmission Slipping”. Typically transmission gears will slip when the transmission fluid is low, some transmission seals may be bad, bands need to be adjusted or other diagnosis.

1999 honda accord transmission repair charlotte ncNot having enough transmission fluid can severely damage a transmission internally. Gears move smoothly inside your transmission via help from the transmission fluid. Always be sure to check your transmission fluid levels and have your transmission serviced to prevent major transmission repair. Clean transmission fluid is red in color. A brownish or dark transmission fluid easily signals there is a problem — your transmission fluid has outlived its useful life. The transmission fluid and filter should be changed immediately.

Depending on the severity of your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission Repair or problem, you may need to have the transmission rebuilt. Rebuilding the transmission involves removing the entire transmission unit from the vehicle and opening it up to remove all internal parts for inspection. The transmission fluid is completely drained and replaced with new transmission fluid. All parts are carefully inspected and worn parts are replaced with new parts. Rebuilding your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission will extend the overall life of your vehicle by returning the transmission to an almost-new condition.

Additional transmission problems with the 1999 Honda Accord Transmission:

* Shifts Roughly
* Jerks when coming to a stop
* Won’t go into gear

Are you in need of service or repair for your 1999 Honda Accord Transmission? Call the Honda Transmission Specialists of Charlotte – Twin Automotive and Transmission. We are located in Indian Trail NC but provide free towing, free estimates and provide transmission repair for all Charlotte NC areas. Call us at 704-821-3460 for more information.

Free ‘Check Engine’ Light Diagnostic Test | Charlotte NC

check engine light charlotte ncAround Charlotte NC there are several local auto parts stores that offer a free code scan or check engine light diagnosic test. We’ve heard many stories from customers that opt for this free option so they can self-fix their auto problem. When you take your vehicle in to a local auto parts store for a Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test, they will scan your check engine light and give you what “code” is signaling that check engine light to come on. We have seen many customers get the run around by replacing several different parts recommended by these local auto part stores, but not being able to fix what caused this auto problem.

As an example, lets say you bring your vehicle down to the local auto parts store and they scan your check engine light. They may tell you that your car has a code 302. A code 302 is a “Cynlinder 2 miss fire”. Then they may tell you that to fix this problem, you need to change your spark plugs, since this is a possible cause for the code. Then, realising that you may be able to change the spark plugs yourself, you take their advice, purchase the spark plugs, go home and take the rest of your afternoon to put the spark plugs in. Afterwards, everything appears to have fixed your problem, until the next morning on your drive to work. Your check engine light appears again. So, what do you do? You go back to the store that sold you these spark plugs and tell them it didn’t fix the problem. The guy at the counter checks your car again, reads the same code 302 and tells you that he thinks you need to put new wires on the car and that should solve the code problem. So, again, you buy the parts suggested, go home, and spend a few hours installing them yourself. What happens? This still does NOT fix the check engine light that keeps coming on. When all is said and done, you have spent a lot of time going back and forth to this auto parts store, spending money on parts that don’t fix your car.

So what do you do next? You start calling auto repair shops, explaining what has happened to you and your car, what you have done so far — spending money on different parts suggested by the auto parts store and wasting your time. Some shops will say different things that may be possibly wrong with your car, but the best way to find out the solution to your problem is to take it to a repair shop that will actually check your vehicle for the problem and solution, not just read a code. After you bring your vehicle in, they check your vehicle to find out the code 302 is being caused by no power to the number 2 fuel injector and that is causing the misfire. You schedule the work to be done, realising the time and parts you already spent was a complete waste at the local auto parts store.

Lesson to be Learned

What you have to remember is that local auto part stores in Charlotte NC and surrounding SELL AUTO PARTS. They are not staffed by qualified technicans that can diagnose your car the right way. They WANT to sell you numerous parts and tools so you can ‘fix’ your auto problem, but keep coming back. In most cases, the people staffed have had no experience working on vehicles, diagnosing problems, and are reading you what parts to buy from the store’s suggested computer directory.

The best way to find the solution for your auto problem is to have the check engine light diagnosed by qualified, certified technicians with proper scanners and tools. With the proper shop equipment, your auto problem can be diagnosed quickly and properly. Here at Twin Automotive, we diagnose check engine lights all the time, free of charge with repair. We can diagnose your auto problem quickly and tell you what we can do to repair the car the right way, the first time — without you having to spend money and time guessing at a solution.