Honda Civic Transmission Mechanic | Charlotte NC

The Civic is a line of compact cars manufactured by the Japanese automobile giant Honda. The car is available in many models, including a three-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. The Civic is a luxury compact car and is quite economical. However, the 2001 model Honda Civic had a few issues with its automatic transmission.

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Intense Friction Caused By Insignificant Gear Lubrication

One of the major issues with the transmission of the 2001 Civic was the intense friction in the gears. The gears were not getting enough lubrication and this caused extreme friction. When the gears would spin, they would emit shavings. These shavings would then get mixed into the transmission fluid and stick to the fluid lines causing them to jam. Once the fluid lines got jammed, the entire transmission would not get any lubrication.

When Honda found out about this issue with the 2001 Model Civic, they tried rectifying it by modifying the design. A special oil spray jet was installed to provide extra lubrication to the affected gears. However, this did not help much and customers still had many complaints about failing Civic transmissions. Some of these transmissions required replacements.

Excessive Heat Generated By Gears

Another issue in the 2001 Civic’s auto transmission was overheating. The Civic’s transmission would heat up way beyond the normal level and cause the gears to expand beyond their capacity. As a result the gear teeth would chip and fall inside the bell housing. This not only affected the operation of the gears, but they often made their way into the fluid lines. Chipped gear teeth in the fluid lines would affect the fluid inflow. In addition, the broken teeth would sometimes get stuck in the other gears causing a lock. This problem was extremely dangerous as a transmission lock on the highway could prove to be fatal. Honda addressed this issue by installing the lubrication jet.

Improper Gear Shifting

The 2001 Civic’s transmission was also not strong enough. The transmission would shudder and make excessive humming sounds when driving uphill or at high speeds.

If you own a 2001 Honda Civic, keep an eye out for these issues. If these issues are not repaired in time, they may result in a major problem. Costly transmission repairs can be avoided by bringing your vehicle in at the first signs of a problem. Call us today to schedule a free transmission diagnosis or for a free transmission repair estimate. 

2008 Honda Accord Transmission Repair Mechanic | Charlotte NC

The Honda Accord, after gaining immense popularity all over the world, was redesigned in 2008. The design was altered completely and featured a sportier look. The 2008 Accord was introduced in a couple of versions, one of which had a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engine. This version produced a fair 177 horsepower. Of course the 2008 Accord also had a variant that carried a more powerful engine. That version had a V-type 6-cylinder engine which generated a staggering 272 horsepower. The interior was extremely luxurious and the suspension made sure passengers didn’t feel a single bump within the cabin.

Honda was so bent on including the best possible features in the 2008 Accord that the transmission was overlooked. Unlike the previous models of the Accord, where problems were experienced within only the automatic transmission versions, the 2008 Accord had issues with the manual transmission as well.

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Would Not Stay In Third Gear

The 2008 Accord had problems with its manual transmission as well as the automatic one. The manual transmission variant had an intermittent issue which caused the third gear to slip. After using the first and second gear, the third would not stay in place when applied. The only solution was to have the transmission repaired or move directly to the fourth.

Transmission Would Jerk

The automatic transmission would not go into gear immediately. When put into drive the car would remain stationary and go into gear suddenly, with a jerk. Another issue was the car not remaining stationary when parked.

Hesitation to Go Into Gear

The hesitation was normally seen in automatic transmission when driving on long routes. The gears could not be shifted. The driver would need to let go of the throttle a couple of time for the car to shift gears. This posed a safety hazard on the road, especially busy ones.

Gear Slipping

Much like the problem seen in manual transmissions, the automatic transmission would also slip out of gear. The car would be running smoothly and then all of a sudden it would jump out of gear and won’t pick up speed anymore.

These transmission issues with the 2008 Accord may prove to be dangerous if ignored. If you face such problems with your car, contact us immediately. Transmission problems only worsen with time and if caught quickly, you can avoid costly transmission repairs. Call us today at 704-821-3460 for a free transmission repair estimate. 

How Does a Car’s Automatic Transmission Work?

The transmission controls the power that your car’s engine produces. There are two types of transmissions in modern cars, manual and automatic. Manual transmissions have a clutch pedal next to the brake and a lever to shift between gears. Automatic transmissions on the other hand do everything on their own. All the driver needs to do is accelerate and brake. Let’s look at how the automatic transmission works.

The car transmission can be defined as a regulator for the power generated by the engine. Let’s look at the first gear. If the engine’s output is3000 RPM, the tires would spin at a higher RPM to achieve the desired acceleration. This way the engine is under less stress and consumes less fuel.

Manual transmissions have multiple gear sets that produce different gear ratios. However, the automatic transmission only has a single set of gears. These gears have different combinations for the gear ratios. The gear ratios play an important role in enabling your car to accelerate and achieve its top-speed. They also enhance the life of your engine. 

A typical automatic transmission has two sets of planetary gears. Combining two planetary gear sets gives the automatic transmission four forward and one reverse gear. Planetary gear sets are an ingenious method of forming multiple gear ratios from a single set. The planetary gears form different ratios with the help of transmission fluid. The pressure of the fluid within the transmission locks different gears in place, forming a particular ratio.

However, the most important aspect is changing gear ratios in a moving vehicle and preventing the engine from turning off when braking. Manual transmissions have a clutch for this purpose. It separates the engine’s power from the wheels.

One of the most important components in an automatic transmission is the torque convertor. The torque converter is responsible for disconnecting the engine power from the wheels when the brakes are applied or when the driver is shifting the gears.

The automatic transmission is a miracle of engineering. All the driver needs to do is put the car into drive and the rest is done automatically.

Top 5 Transmission Problems and Possible Solutions for Repair with the 4L60E Transmission

One of the best transmissions ever manufactured by General Motors is the 4L60E. It is a powerful transmission which can do wonders for your car’s performance. However, like all high performance transmissions you need to keep an eye on it. Here are a few common issues associated with the 4L60E and their possible solutions.

  1. Shifting Of Gears at Wide Open Throttle

The 4L60E often displays issues with the gear shifting at Wide Open Throttle or WOT. The gears will only shift if you let go of the throttle. This is a common issue with automatic transmissions and can easily be fixed by replacing the TPS.

  1. Constant Slipping Of Gears

Slipping of gears in the 4L60E may be due to one of many reasons. The slipping should not be taken lightly as it may lead to a major issue. Common reasons for the gears slipping are clutches that need replacing, leaking fluid or a crack in the sunshell. The issue may also be a result of a worn-out boost valve.

  1. Delay in Shifting Of Gears

A cracked accumulator piston is generally the cause of any delays in gear shifting. The issue can be repaired by replacing the piston and checking for potential damage to the spring. All damage components must be replaced to prevent further damage.

  1. Severe Noise When the Car Shifts Into Second Gear

In most cases, a cracked sunshell is the cause of noise when shifting into second gear. The only solution to this problem is rebuilding the transmission. The car should not be driven in this condition as it may lead to further damage.

  1. You Can Only Use Two Gears

There are times when only the first and the third gear are operational. This issue is generally caused by lack of lubrication and splints mixed in the transmission fluid. The only way to rectify the issue is to rebuild the entire transmission.

It is a great idea to know about these common problems and their solutions. In the event you have to visit a transmission repair facility, you will have a good idea of what the problem might be.

Ford Transmission Mechanic | Charlotte NC

The Ford Explorer is a popular Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV. It is considered the best in comfort and usability. The Explorer was designed to provide a luxury drive on the road and superb handling on rough terrains. Although this SUV has some pretty attractive features, the 2006 model didn’t quite live up to its name as it had some serious issues with transmission.

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Failure of the Transmission Solenoid

The solenoid in automatic transmissions controls several important functions. It is responsible for the timely shifting of gears. The transmission of the 2006 Explorer had issues with the solenoid of the torque converter. Once the solenoid would fail, the SUV would not shift gears. Although this problem cannot be avoided, checking the transmission solenoid regularly can help avert this issue altogether. You can keep an eye on the solenoid for possible failures and have it replaced as soon as you start facing any problems.

Transmission Overheating Issues

Overheating is another common issue with the transmission of the 2006 Explorer. The main cause of the overheating was blockage in the fluid lines. Once the fluid lines would get jammed, they would not allow the transmission fluid to circulate properly. As a result, the transmission starts overheating which could lead to the gear teeth breaking. A broken gear tooth would get stuck in the transmission and cause a complete lock. There is no easy fix to a locked transmission except having it rebuilt completely. If you have a 2006 Explorer, it is best to install an aftermarket transmission cooler to avoid this issue.

Torque Controller Failure

The torque controller in an automatic transmission enables you to shift gears properly. The function of the torque converter can be defined more appropriately as a clutch for auto transmissions. If the torque converter is not functioning properly, you cannot shift gears. This is one of the most common issues with the automatic transmission in the 2006 Ford Explorer.

Keeping an eye out for these common transmission issues with the 2006 Explorer allows you to get them fixed in a timely manner. This will result in a substantial cost savings as you won’t need transmission rebuilds or repairs.

Twin Transmission Repair serves all of the Charlotte NC area. For over 30 years, Twin Transmission has provided expert transmission repair and rebuilt transmission for all make and model vehicles. Contact them today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate on your transmission problem.

Honda Accord Mechanic in Charlotte NC | Transmission Repair

The Honda Accord was one of the first Japanese cars to be produced in the United States. Due to its luxurious feel and durable engine, the Accord gained popularly amount the masses. The car is available in both automatic and manual transmissions. The 2004 Accord had issues with the automatic transmission variant much like its predecessor.

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Worn-out Gears

The 2004 Honda Accord had the same transmission problems as the previous model. The gears were not getting enough lubrication, leading to intense friction. Due to the lack of lubrication, the gears would produce metal shavings that got mixed with the transmission fluid. Over time the shavings would make their way into the fluid lines and choke them. Once the lines were clogged the inflow of fluid would stop and cause further damage to the transmission.

Extensive Heating 

Another issue with the transmission was overheating. The gears n the Accord were not built to withstand excessive heat. The overheating would cause the gears to expand rapidly to the point where their teeth would break off. The broken teeth are dangerous, especially if they broke off on the highway. The teeth would either choke the fluid lines or worse, get stuck between the other gears.

This caused a transmission lock that would not allow the car to move at all. This was a grave concern because if the transmission locked while driving, it would be exactly like slamming on the breaks at top speed. The unsuspecting driver tailing the 2004 Accord would not know that the car is stopping, increasing the risk of a potentially fatal collision.

Vibration and Humming

The transmission would start humming and vibrating, usually when accelerating or driving uphill. This was because the transmission was not able to withstand the power generated by the engine.

Honda tried to resolve the transmission issues by recalling the 2004 Accord. However, they only fixed the lubrication issue and modified the transmission’s design. Unfortunately, the modifications made were not effective.

If you are having these transmission problems in your 2004 Accord, it is best to have it rebuilt rather than repaired. Rebuilding the transmission may cost more but it will extend the transmission’s life and give you peace of mind.

Do you have any of these transmission problems with your Honda Accord? Looking for the best transmission mechanic in the Charlotte NC area? Twin Transmission can help! We have an unbeatable rebuilt transmission warranty and over 30 years experience rebuilding and repairing Honda transmissions Contact us today for a Free Estimate.

How to Know If You Have a Transmission Problem

Transmission repair or rebuilding can prove to be expensive for the car owner. However, you can keep your car’s transmission in top shape through timely maintenance and keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble. If these minor issues are dealt with swiftly, they could save you thousands of dollars in transmission repairs.

Twin Transmission has been serving the Charlotte NC area for over 30 years. As experts in transmission repair, transmission diagnosis and more, we can help solve your transmission problem! Here are the top 10 signs that you may have a transmission problem and be in need of transmission repair: 

Shilly-shallying When Going In Gear

This usually occurs when the clutch needs repairing or is worn out. This issue is not limited to auto transmissions.

Severe Clunking or Humming Noise

Any kind of clunking or humming noise from the engine or transmission should never be ignored. These sounds indicate a potential transmission failure and you should have it checked right away.

Fluid Leak

Fluid leaks are potentially dangerous. You should keep a check on the transmission fluid by checking its level using the dipstick. If the fluid level is low, top it up. If you are constantly noting low fluid levels, have it checked for a leak.

Heavy Grinding Sound

A heavy grinding sound indicates a problem with the gears. This should not be taken lightly. You should have it inspected immediately.

Smell of Burning Fluid

If you smell burning transmission fluid, it could mean the transmission is overheating. You should have this checked without delay to prevent major damage to the internal components.

No Shifting

If the car is not going into gear, there is probably an issue with the torque converter or shift solenoid. 

‘Check Engine’ Light

The ‘Check Engine’ light is there to notify you of potential failures in the engine or transmission. As soon as the check engine light comes on, take your car to a mechanic for a thorough inspection.

Gears Start Slipping

If gears are slipping, it may mean that the link that connects the gears is broken. It could also be caused by some other minor issue. However, the issue itself can be dangerous, especially if you travel frequently on the highway.

Noise from Transmission When Neutral

If the transmission is making a noise when in neutral, it may simply need fluid replacement or some other inexpensive repair job. However, you should have it inspected as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Drag In Clutch

This issue is relevant to cars that have manual transmission. This can be repaired by removing the bell housing and replacing the clutch and pressure plates.

Do you think you may be in need of a transmission repair? Most of the signs above can be attributed to either the transmission, or sometimes, similar problems can arise that may be caused by another part in your vehicle. The best way to find out if you need a transmission repair or a transmission rebuild would be to call us! 🙂 We can help you by diagnosing your transmission problem, or repair problem, and provide you a free estimate for repair. Call us today at 704-821-3460 or fill out the form on the right to get started.

2004 Ford F-150 Transmission Mechanic | Charlotte NC

The F-series is a line of pickup trucks manufactured by Ford. One of the most popular models in the F-series is the F-150. The F-150 has been a top seller for over 15 years. The F-150 not only delivers outstanding comfort and style, but also impressive power under the hood. In 2004 the F-150 was completely redesigned and gained immense popularity post launch. However, there were a few problems with the transmission of the 2004 F-150.

Twin Transmission is known in the Charlotte NC area for being an expert in transmission repair for all makes and models, including Ford vehicles. If you are in need of a transmission repair for your Ford, or any other vehicle, please contact us today for a free estimate.

Below are symptoms or signs that your 2004 Ford F-150 may need a transmission repair: 

Severe Shuddering and Vibration

A common issue with the 2004 F-150 is extreme shuddering and vibration in the transmission. Automatic transmissions are supposed to be extremely smooth. This issue arose after only a few thousand miles. The vibration eventually became so severe that it could be felt in the steering wheel. Ford was aware of the transmission issues with the 2004 F-150 and repaired many of the pickup trucks under warranty. The exact cause of the shuddering was that the metal shavings stuck between the gears. This prevented the gear assembly from operating smoothly.

Transmission Overheat

The transmission of the 2004 F-150 tends to overheat frequently. This may have been because the transmission cooling assembly wasn’t good enough to provide the necessary cooling. The overheating resulted in abnormal expansion of the gears. The gears would grind against each other and would produce metal shavings. The metal shavings would then get stuck in the fluid lines and hinder lubrication in addition to overheating. 

Although never reported, the rapid overheating may have also resulted in broken gear teeth. Broken gear teeth can lead to a locked transmission. The only way to counter this issue was to install an external transmission cooler after the transmission is rebuilt.

No Shifting

The torque controller in an automatic transmission acts like a clutch as it makes gear shifting possible. The transmission of the 2004 F-150 had a weak solenoid which would fail and the vehicle wouldn’t go into gear.

If you are the owner of a 2004 F-150 or planning to buy one, do keep an eye out for these issues. The 2004 F-150 is otherwise a spectacular machine that will serve your purpose provided you deal with the transmission problems.

Do you have any of the transmission problems listed above? Contact us today at 704-821-3460 for a free estimate or free diagnosis of your transmission problem.

Choosing a Transmission Shop in Charlotte: Price vs Warranty

Why you shouldn’t choose a Transmission Shop in Charlotte, just because of their price! This is a must-read for anyone looking for a transmission repair or transmission rebuild in the Charlotte NC area.

Before we dive in about transmission repair pricing,
here are some basics you should know about your transmission:

– The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without your transmission working properly, your vehicle will not run.

– Inside of one transmission is literally hundreds of different parts – all of these parts work together in perfect harmony until something goes wrong.

A transmission can fail due to a number of reasons – age, worn parts, improper shifting and even lack of maintenance. Just as you change the oil in your engine, you need to also change the transmission fluid inside your transmission — this is very commonly overlooked and the cause of many transmission problems!

– Every transmission has a specific amount of hours needed for a necessary repair or rebuild.

– All transmissions work the same way – but different vehicle make and models have different versions.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Price over Warranty or Reputation

This is the best word of advice you may ever read. Although sometimes your budget may be a determining factor as to what you will buy, do not let price determine what transmission repair shop or repair shop you will take your vehicle to.

When a transmission rebuild is performed, there are more than several steps involved to complete the process. The transmission needs to be completely removed from your vehicle, every part needs to be disassembled from the transmission, every part needs to be inspected for damage, broken or worn parts must be replaced, every part must be cleaned, fluids must be drained, new fluid must be put back in the transmission and the transmission must be reassembled. This is a process that must take a certain amount of hours to complete (Hours determined per your transmission type).

Transmissions are complex and without your transmission running properly, your vehicle may not run at all or may cause additional damage to your car. When you need a transmission rebuild, you need to ensure that the mechanic performing the transmission repair knows what they are doing and will complete all steps to your transmission rebuild.

Say for example you call around for transmission rebuild prices and here is what you get:

Shop 1: $1795
Shop 2: $1595
Shop 3: $695

Whoa, hold on one second. The price between Shop 1 and Shop 3 is a pretty big difference. Before you get all excited that you have discovered the best price, you need to compare apples to apples first.

Lets dig deeper into each transmission shop by asking just a few questions:
1) What is the warranty on the rebuild?
2) How long have you been in business?
3) Do you perform all transmision work here at your shop?
4) Can you provide a testimional list of customers I may contact?
5) If I read your reviews online, what will I find?

Here are the answers:

Shop 1: $1795  – 1 Year Warranty, has been in business 3 years, may have to sub out the transmission work to another shop in town, 7 day transmission rebuild timeframe, no customer testimonial list, 4 good reviews online vs 1 bad review

Shop 2: $1595 – 3 Year Warranty, has over 30 years experience with transmissions, performs transmission rebuilds inside state of the art transmission shop, 3 – 4 day transmission rebuild time frame with rental vehicle options, 45 great five star reviews online vs 2 bad reviews, can provide customer testimonial list

Shop 3: $695 – 6 Month Warranty, has been in business a few years, performs transmission work either on site in your driveway or inside their shop, 2 – 10 days to rebuild your transmission (will let you know after they open up the transmission), no online listings but “great” customers, but no customer testimonial list

From the real life examples you can see here (honest, we called two shops in comparison to ourselves for prices and asked those specific questions mentioned above) you can see the differences between the 3 shops. The lowest price option does not give a specific time to rebuild your transmission, nor do they either have their own location to work out of or have any reviews you can read about their company online. The biggest problem with their shop is that they offer the LOWEST warranty timeframe possible, meaning you may have the same transmission problem just half a year later.

Lets says you choose Shop 3 anyway, because you only have $700 and $700 will have to do. Six months down the line, your car has issue’s shifting gears. You go back to Shop 3 and ask what the problem is. They explain you are outside your warranty timeframe but they can look at the vehicle and let you know. You let them look at the vehicle, they charge you a $300 diagnostic fee, and then inform you that a part has failed inside the transmission and you need another transmission rebuild. You pay the $300 and then you pay the $695 AGAIN — meaning you have now paid out $1690 for your transmission rebuild.

This is more than you would have spent if you had chosen the transmission shop with the longest warranty! And if you had chosen the shop with the longer warranty, you would not have had to pay again for the repair IF there was a problem. Now you are taking another risk that 6 months later, you may have the same issue or worse.

Price cannot be your only deciding factor when choosing your transmission repair or auto repair. We understand that a budget is a budget, but if we had a dollar for every time someone called us back after being burnt by the “lowest price” – well, we would have a lot of dollars! Stop wasting money by choosing the lowest price with the lowest warranty. We may not have the lowest price, but we have the best price for the best repair work possible.

With us, you are getting a quality transmission rebuild or repair. You are getting the best warranty in the Charlotte area, and the best service team to assist you with any repair question or need.

We are top voted in Charlotte, winner of several Angie’s List super service awards and have one of the best, state of the art transmission shops in Charlotte NC. Come by our shop for a nice cup of coffee, relax in our waiting area, speak to our staff and see for yourself the type of service and work we do. Just as our reviews state online, you will not be disappointed with the work or service you receive, and that is our #1 promise to each of our customers.

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Best Transmission Mechanic in Charlotte NC | Chevy Impala Repair

The Impala is an automobile produced by Chevrolet. It is one of the most popular cars under the Chevrolet brand. The 2004 model of the Impala featured a number of changes from its predecessors. Firstly, it had a front-wheel drive system. Also, it was introduced in two variants. The first had a 3.4-litre V-6 engine and the other a supercharged 3.8-litre V-6 engine for drivers who want extra power. The previous model Impalas were running on the 4L60E, but later models had a different transmission model. This was the reason that the 2004 Impala had serious issues with its transmission.

Twin Transmission, located in Indian Trail NC, has been serving Charlotte NC for over 30 years. Our outstanding reputation and ability to fix any transmission problem, including the issues with the Chevy Impala, has lead us to be the top transmission mechanic in the area. If you are experiencing any of the transmission problems listed below, please call us at 704-821-3460 for a Free Estimate, or a Free Diagnosis of your Chevy Impala transmission problem.

Transmission Slipping 

The transmission of the Impala would cause a great deal of problems when shifting from second to third gear. The only gears that the transmission would shift properly were the reverse, first and second. The car would rarely make it to the third. It had to be driven for a good ten minutes before it would shift to the third gear. This is a rather dangerous issue when in high-speed traffic because the car won’t accelerate until the gears shift properly.

Stiff Gear Shifting

Often the gears would become extremely stiff and won’t shift easily. This issue was extremely common in the Impala’s transmission. The gears would also shudder while shifting up or down.

Stuttering While Accelerating

The car would often stutter during acceleration and would start vibrating intensely. This was a result of overheating of the transmission. It would leave small metal deposits in the transmission fluid which would cause the transmission to hesitate while accelerating.

Delayed Gear Shifting 

Another common issue with the Impala’s transmission was delayed gear shifting. It would keep riding in first or third and shift up after a long time. This problem was also seen in downshifting. 

Car Does Not Remain In Overdrive

The transmission would not remain in overdrive. It would randomly shift from overdrive to drive and then back. This was usually concurrent with the accelerator pedal. Once the driver would hit the gas and then let it go, it would shift from OD to D and then back.

If you are experiencing any of the problems above and are looking for the best transmission mechanic in the Charlotte NC area, we can help! We have over 30 years experience and can solve any transmission problem. We are experts in transmission repair and rebuilt transmissions. Please call us today for a Free Estimate or a Free Diagnosis of your transmission problem.